Tomas Ballestrin

Architect and waterman
Tomas Ballestrin was born in 1983 in Mar de Plata, in Argentina.  As a child, he lived aboard the boat of his father, captain of a fishing boat, who handed down his passion for all things related to the sea.
This close contact with the ocean was the perfect environment for him to become an accomplished waterman. Tomas embraces sailing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing and bodysurfing, naturally choosing studies which would enable him to stay close to the water: today he is a naval architect.
He began his career with the Argentinean designer, Martin Billoch, an expert in the design and refit of race boats. Following this experience, he secured a position at King Marine, a company specialising in the design of carbon masts and yachts.

A long-standing collaboration 
Tomas began working with Juan K back in 2002. Based in Argentina, he works from his office just metres from the sea. 
The Argentinean has participated in numerous projects within the firm: Luna Rossa in the America’s Cup in 2002, Groupama in the Volvo Ocean Race in 2011-2012...
He was also an integral part of the design of the ClubSwan 50 and more recently the ClubSwan 125. 

Passionate about his work, he has a highly developed creative spirit and is very driven by performance in the firm’s various projects.

Juan K: “I’ve known Tomas for a number of years and I know that I can trust him implicitly, despite the fact that he’s based at the other end of the earth”.