Rodrigo Quesada

Juan K’s right-hand man
Born in Buenos Aires in 1976, Rodrigo Quesada knew Juan K at the Yacht Club Argentino in Buenos Aires. Like Juan, Rodrigo is a naval architect: he graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes. Their shared passion for high-performance yacht design and the  extraordinary reciprocal trust they’ve built up over numerous years has enabled them to achieve a series of outstanding results with their designs at the JYD architectural firm.

Perseverance at the service of excellence 
In 2002, in line with JYD’s need to expand to incorporate two highly demanding projects - the Volvo Ocean Race and the America’s Cup - Juan offered Rodrigo the chance to become project manager within his firm: an opportunity he snapped up with the same enthusiasm that colours his being on a daily basis. 
Persevering and a born competitor, the manager from Buenos Aires could not refuse, the concept of a challenge being the driving force behind the ambitious projects undertaken by Juan K and his team.
Rodrigo, spurred on by constantly striving for excellence, developed his mastery of composite design and construction with the teams of Mascalzone Latino and Ineos Team UK, for which he temporarily left the design office in Valencia in his wake. 

A synthesis man
On his return to JYD, his intellectual background and his ability to combine expertise, discipline and method enabled him to take up the position of Engineering Manager at JYD once more. In this way, since 2017 he has been coordinating all the leading lights at the firm.
Providing advice and checks in the design, monitoring the conception and the budget, offering assistance with decision-making and client relations: the 42-year-old Argentinean contributes on several fronts thanks to his great capacity for synthesis, ensuring that the end product satisfies the client’s requirements with an eye on both precision and rigour.
Very busy with his work, Rodrigo still manages to devote some time to his passions: sailing, surfing, mountain biking, skiing and travelling.

Juan K: “I really like working with Rodrigo: we are very good friends and I value his perseverance and his great capacity for synthesis. I trust him 100%. If he’s verified the elements in a project, I know I don’t need to check the work.”