Patricia Izaguirre

University research at the JYD design office
Patricia Izaguirre put in her first tacks at the age of 8, off Fontarrabie (Hondarribia), a Spanish coastal town on the French border, where she was born in 1983. She continued with her sailing through until a stint at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, where she studied naval engineering. Majoring in this field, she went on to devote her time to research and obtained a doctorate in science and naval technology.
After several years of research, she got to know Juan K within the context of a series of scientific trials rallying together company members and university researchers.  
Juan immediately recognised the potential of this young woman and decided to offer her a chance to collaborate together in 2013. 

A determined grafter 
Rigorous and organised, Patricia is heavily involved in research into fluid mechanics. Together with Gonzalo Kouyoumdjian, she devotes body and soul to the operation of the firm’s server cluster.
Digital mensuration is par for the course for the Basque:  she digitises a boat in its entirety, from the hull through to its sails, and performs tests in a virtual wind tunnel to validate the boat’s performance with the rest of the team.
A mother as well as being committed to her work, she sometimes finds time to go running, skiing and swimming.

Juan K: “You can set a watch by Patricia as she’s very punctual in accomplishing her work. When she’s in front of her computer, it’s vital you don’t disturb her! Her capacity for concentration and her efficiency are impressive”.