Myriam De Keukeleire

Rigour and kindness wrapped into one

Myriam De Keukeleire was born in Gand, in the Flemish Region. Initially, there was nothing to suggest that she’d end up working in sailing. Indeed, having completed her degree course in hotel management and made several field trips across Europe, she settled in Valencia, where she took up a position as head of reception in a hotel. 
In 2005, her passion for travelling prevailed: Myriam took a year’s sabbatical and travelled the world, which enabled her to polish up her linguistic skills.
On her return to Spain, she promptly snapped up the opportunity to join the JYD architectural firm, where the need to flesh out the administrative team with someone polyglot was crucial.

The heart of the team

For over 12 years, she has been part of the JYD story, a company she knows inside out. Patient, calm, attentive and methodical, she is in charge of the logistical organisation, handles the administrative paperwork and the material, manages the contract signing, the purchase of office equipment as well as being on reception…

 She is the heart of JYD. In constant demand, she’s methodical and always has a smile on her face.

Juan K: “Myriam is a highly dedicated and organised person. It’s also thanks to her that the atmosphere in the office is more than pleasant. She mothers us all in some way!”