Gonzalo Kouyoumdjian

Gonzalo blends numbers and architectural challenges to perfection 
Gonzalo, born in Buenos Aires in 1971, is Juan Kouyoumdjian’s twin brother. A graduate in Industrial Engineering, he began his career in Argentina in the sector of gas and oil pipeline construction. 
His passion for numbers prompted him to resume his studies and he rounded off his education with an MBA in New York from 2001 to 2003, specialising in finance and investment.
Joining his brother Juan was a natural progression: twins in perfect harmony in their personal life, they complement one another to perfection in their professional life. 

A numbers man
A careful and methodical numbers man, he makes scrupulous use of the calculations to validate the works that stem from Juan’s creativity and intuition. 
In 2003, the firm was working on a brand new prototype: the Volvo Open 70. The numerous brainstorming sessions gave rise to a plethora of ideas, which had to be validated before any decisions could be taken. The need to develop software, which predicted a yacht’s speed from her hull form and sail area proved essential at that moment in time. 
In this way, Gonzalo joined his brother’s team and developed VPP (Velocity Prediction Program), which was used to validate the data in the design of the Volvo ABN Amro, whose competitive prowess in the Volvo Ocean Race is world renowned. Since then, he has been continuing to develop this very precious software for the JYD team.

A man of challenges with dual roles
The Argentinean works out of his office in London where he fulfils dual roles. 
On the one hand, together with Richard Ems and Patricia Izaguirre, he heads up the Cluster, namely all the computers and know-how peculiar to the firm, with the aim of developing the performance of the boats designed by all its naval architects.  
On the other, he takes care of the administrative and financial aspect of the company.
Outside work, Gozalo remains a numbers man who likes a challenge. In addition, to sailing in Valencia, he adores and gets involved in all things investment-related and the London fine wine exchange in particular: the Liv-ex. 

Juan K: “Gonzalo is a very intelligent and rigorous man. We are complementary in our personal and professional life. His good sense, his analytical mind and his precision are an unquestionable asset for JYD”.